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Everyday Beauty Routine…

Hi guys,

Today I’m sharing an everyday beauty routine video!! Please bear with me because the editing is a little rough. I’m still learning how to use imovie…so I apologize! I really enjoyed doing this, but next time I may just do it as I go instead of doing the voice over! What do you guys think?

Anyway, let me know what you think. I will link everything below so you can shop all the products I talk about in the video.

Thanks for watching and for the support and love! XO

Face Primer: Smashbox 

Eye Shadow Primer: MAC 24 hour primer, I also just switched to this primer and love it.

Concealer: Smashbox BB Cream in Light

Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, color 2N1 Desert Beige

Bronzer: Bobbi Brown in Natural

Blush: Bobbi Brown in Nectar

Eyeshadow: Bare Minerals set, “Top Shelf”

Eyeshadow: also used, Urban Decay, “Buck”

Eye Liner: Bobbi Brown Long wear Gel in Black Ink

Mascara: Loreal 

Lip Liner: Bare Minerals, sold out, similar here in Borderline

Lipstick: MAC, Creme Cup

Get ready with me on Snapchat: StylemeLauren – My Summer Beauty Routine…

get ready with me on snapchat, stylemelauren, @stylemelauren,

I just revamped my beauty routine for Summer, and I LOVE what I’ve done and I think you will to…

If you don’t already follow me on Snapchat, you can get ready with me and see how I use these products in live time! Go check it out! Username: Stylemelauren

I have always been a Bobbi brown and Chanel girl, and don’t get me wrong, I still have staple products from them that I re buy, but recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of new products out there that I’ve wanted to try, and I’m so glad I did!

Let’s get down to it…

#1. Smashbox Face Primer – I use the green tinted one, but you can also use the clear or the pink depending on your skin type. Since my skin is normally a little on the red side, I use the green to even out the pink tones and create a neutral tone.

#2. 24 Hour Eyeshadow Primer -Because I liked the Smashbox face primer so much, I decided to try their Eye Shadow Primer. I highly recommend this product. I was use MAC’s 24 extended eye base and it was OK, but this one works better

#3. Smashbox BB Concealer Pen – in color Light. I don’t generally have super dark circles under my eyes, but this concealer really pops my eyes. I love this pen because it’s easy to apply and doesn’t crease!

#4. Tarte BB Tinted Moistureizer – Light Medium – coming from someone who really really appreciates full coverage, I was MORE than hesitant to try this product. I was happily surprised and fell in love with it. It’s much lighter than my normal foundation ( I LOVE Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation (My color = 2N1 Desert Beige), and Chanel Perfection Lumier (My color 12 Beige Rose in Winter, haven’t used in summer) ) but this one is perfect for the Summer months!

#5 Tarte Pressed Powder – Light – I use this over the BB Tinted moisturizer and it helps complete the foundation look. I wouldn’t use the moisturizer on it’s own, unless I was at the beach, so make sure to buy this when you buy the tinted moisturizer! The result is fabulous!

#6. Laura Mercier Setting Powder – such a staple. I can’t leave the house without it. It’s colorless so it goes on and sets the moisturizer and powder

#7. Hourglass Blush – Incandescent Electra – This is a new color for Hourglass, and a new product for me. I’ve never used Hourglass before and I LOVE this blush! It’s so light and feminine for Summer.

#8. Bobbi Brown Bronzer – Natural – I’ve used this for years and I will never stop! It’s the perfect matte bronzer (no shimmer) I use this on my cheek bones, along my hairline, on my neckline, and on my neck. I also use this as my darker eyeshadow for an easy summer look. (See in my snap) I forego my regular eyeshadow and use the Becca Highlighter and this Bronzer as my shadows. It’s so easy! I also add a little bronzer under my lower lip to create a pouty look.

#9. Becca Highlighter – Pearl – I take a little brush and put it above my cheekbone and work my way up toward my temples. This gives you a glow is super sexy and beautiful. I also add it to the top of my lip to complete the pouty look!!

#10. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner – Black – Another product I’ve been using for YEARS. It’s a great product and super consistent and easy to put on.

#11. Lancome Eyelash Primer – new to this product but I absolutely love it!

#12. Lancome Hypnose Drama – Black – New to this mascara too and absolutely love it. Been wearing it all day today and has made my lashes super long and they haven’t dried out!

#13. Urban Decay Lip Gloss – Electric Pink – I just love an easy lipgloss to put on and go. This one is awesome!

#14. Lastly, my entire look would NOT be complete without my beauty blender. What did I do before I had this!? This is my absolute favorite new product EVER! Here’s a tip: Run the blender under cold water (in my snap I said Hot by accident – USE cold or warm, I like cold!) then put your foundation directly on the blender and tap it all over your face. Make sure you use a tapping motion for blending instead of rubbing. I also use it under my eyes to blend my BB Concealer.

#15. Anatasia Brow Gel – for summer I’m not super committed to added color to my brows in case it gets too hot. I have a fear of me wiping my brows with my hand and it coming off everywhere. lol My brows are pretty full so a gel works great for me to set them for the day. I’ve been loving this gel because it helps them keep their shape!


My 4 Favorite Drugstore Lipsticks for Summer…

Whenever Spring and Summer roll around I always find myself wanting to refresh my lip game. I look for fresh, light, daytime colors that can be worn with all my new favorite Spring dresses. Versatility is important to me, and although I love the idea of planning my lipsticks with my outfits, the reality is there are about 10+ lipsticks floating around my bag at a time, and I reach in, find one, put it on, and want to be completely satisfied with my choice.

Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty

From left: Revlon Lip Gloss “207 Sky Pink“, Maybelline, “Totally Toffee”, Revlon, “Pink Pout”, Revlon “Pink Cognito”

Lipsticks are something that I think we all justify buying often. Or at least I do. Reason being, typically, department store lipsticks are around $16. Spending $16 definitely doesn’t break the bank, but once you buy 2, 3, of 4 of them per season, your bill can definitely add up.

I spent some time in my local drugstore trying to find 4 neutral-ish colors that were all under $10, and helped me press my Spring/Summer refresh button.

Lip(gloss) # 1 Revlon “207 Sky Pink” 

This light pink shimmer Revlon lipstick is the quintessential sugar on top color and feel. I love the look of this lipgloss for nights when sheer is best. If you’re doing heavy eye makeup for date night, I recommend pairing this lipgloss with your wild eye. My rule of thumb: If you’re playing up your eyes, tone down your lips, and visa versa.

Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty

Lipstick #2: Revlon “Pink Cognito”

Caught in the middle of perfection on the pink and nude scale, this lipstick is an awesome every day wear choice. It’s nude, it’s pink, it’s fresh. I highly recommend this color if you’re looking for something extremely subtle that will literally go with everything!

Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty

Lipstick #3: Revlon “Pink Pout”

My personal favorite pick of the four I tried. This pink is really on trend for Summer. It’s more pigmented than the other colors meaning there is more color to it. I have a thing for milky beauty products. My sister knows this all too well. Whenever we go get manicures, she always knows which color I’m going to get…I totally prefer a milky nude nail polish, and same is true for lipsticks like this one. Although I sometimes love popping a super bright pink or red lip, I often times feel like a milky (not so bright) lipstick is more “me.” I love this color because it makes a fun summer statement but is by no means overpowering!

Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beautyStyle Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty

Lipstick #4: Maybelline, “Totally Toffee”

When I first discovered “Totally Toffee” a few  years ago…well let me rephrase. When my sister in Law discovered Totally Toffee a few years ago, everyone was hooked. I bought one for my sister, and the lipstick sharing just continued! Think of a luscious, slightly shimmery, toffee color that is not too dark and not too light. I was super bummed because I thought they had discontinued this color but when I went shopping for this post, I found it again! Major Score!! This is a great every day color that adds some brown undertone colors that aren’t too intense. I love wearing this color with classic skinnies, a white top and flat sandals. It’s just so so so simple but put together.

Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty Style Me Lauren, @stylemelauren, drugstore lipsticks, beauty

Outfit Details:

Dress: Nordstrom (Last seen in this post) Earrings: Similar here and here Nail polish: Essie

Mollie Crutcher Photography, @molliecrutcher