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High Waisted Leggings

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There’s something about  new workout gear that is such a great motivator. I’ve never really experienced this before this year. I swear I’ve had the same workout clothes (and by that I mean great black Zella leggings (they last forever!) and kind of boring t-shirts I’ve had for way to long) for a while! Although they get the job done, there’s something about having a new workout wardrobe that is really inspiring.

For christmas from my parents I asked for primarily workout clothes. I really just wanted a refresh and was excited to see what they had picked out. So many cute things! Then of course, I was on the hunt for more and more. I just couldn’t help myself! I’ve also been working out 6 days a week and really ENJOYING it, so having more than 2 outfits to rotate through really helps.

I bought these high waisted green leggings on a whim and love them. They were totally an impulse buy that I never second guessed. They’re so comfortable and I love that they are high waisted. There’s something about feeling a little more confident when you’re basically wearing Spanx to work out. lol

Here are some other workout items I’m loving!!


Pinterest Paleo Recipe Reviews

Happy Tuesday! I am switching things up today because I recently have tried two Pinterest recipes that were so good they are worth sharing. Keep reading to find out what I made…

Bacon Wrapped Dates…

I used this recipe. For those of you who are skeptical, seriously just give these a try. They are the PERFECT appetizer to bring to any party, or to have at home for dinner if you are doing a casual appetizer dinner (like Austin and I did last week!).

Austin and I have made these bacon wrapped dates 3 times in the last 3 weeks and can’t get enough. I love that they are Paleo, Whole30, and are so super satisfying. This recipe from Pinterest was awesome, but we did a few things differently you should know about!

  • Austin and I used Nitrate Free, Sugar free, gluten free (etc) hickory smoked bacon. Using good quality bacon makes a big difference because the quality of meat is so good.
  • We added jalepeno to 1/2 of them every time. This gives your guests a choice if they want a little heat or not.  To add the jalepeno, pit the pepper and then slice it in thin slices (I’d say about 6 spears per pepper). When you wrap the date in the bacon, throw the small pepper spear in and wrap it up together.

A few other tips/tricks…

Definitely line your cookie sheets with foil, get pitted dates, and if you have the time, flip the dates 1/2 way through. Also, everyone’s ovens are different, but we liked them better when they were done a little bit more, and the bacon was a little crispier than what the recipe called for. ALSO- nuking the bacon for 1 minute before wrapping them was so genius, do not skip this step!

Ooey Gooey Paleo Brownies

Ok, so these brownies were a huge hit! They are free of refined sugar, dairy free, gluten free, Paleo, and are incredibly satisfying. I used this recipe

Here are my tips/tricks…

Absolutely leave them in the oven longer than 10 minutes. I would say at least 20. I took them out after 10 because they looked done on top, but after I let them cool for a little bit in the glass pan then tried to transfer them to a wire rack and they started falling through!! I quickly got them back in the pan and put them back in the oven for probably 15 min.

I have to say, eating a brownie that is refined sugar free and super satisfying feels so so good.

Goal Setting & Follow Through

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Do you ever set goals and not follow them? Or are you pretty good about sticking to them? For the most part, I’d say I’m pretty good at sticking to them but recently I’ve been challenged in a new way when it comes to follow through.

One of my mentor’s always says “a goal isn’t real until it’s written down” – and I’ve always loved this thought. I believe if you write down your goals, the simple act of writing them out will help you attain them. Once it’s written that goal is somewhere in your subconscious and I think you end up working toward that goal whether you realize it or not.

Austin and I are actually really good at this as a couple. Before we were engaged we each took time to write down what our ideal 5 year plan looked like. He then gave me his, I gave him mine, and we compared notes. They both included getting engaged, married, moving etc. And sure enough, all of those things have happened. I strongly recommend doing this if you’re in a serious relationship because it really lets both of you open up and have a real life check in!

But, ANYWAY, what I really want to write about today is the recent challenge I’ve been experiencing of sticking to my goals. One of the goals I set for myself this year was to become physically stronger. I love when I can help lift something, or do something on my own because I’m strong. I’ve most recently (in the last few years) have started to feel this way, but this year I’ve been making an effort to improve my strength.

Why has this been a hard goal to stick to? Well, because I have figured out that one of the best ways for me to exercise is through group fitness classes. I love the motivation that comes when you’re working out with other people, and the intense workout in a group class that is way more challenging than if I were working out on my own. (Anyone else always looking at the weights like…okayyy what do I do next?!)

This has been a transition because of scheduling. Every time I go to a class, I’m losing time for social engagements. As silly as this sounds….maybe you can relate?! How many times have you not gone to workout because a friend invites you for drinks? Or your boyfriend wants to take you out to dinner? It’s been such a mental change for me to say no to those things because I have a workout class I want to go to. But what I’ve realized is having that me time, and working on my body makes me a happier person when I do get to go out to dinner or spend time with my husband or friends. Also, getting stronger is something that I have been able to feel, and it makes me feel confident and happy! What are your biggest struggles when it comes to goal setting? Leave your comments below!

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