Dressing Room Diaries…

Hello lovelies…I hope you had wonderful weekends! We spent the weekend in Carmel and it was absolutely lovely! The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be surrounded by my friends!

While there, we popped into Anthro to do some shopping and I took some photos of a few of my favorite pieces for sale at the moment! I tried on a bunch of tops and a few dresses…let me know what you like best!

style me lauren, @stylemelauren, dressing room diaries

Top | Pants | Sandals | Bag | Watch | Lip | Earrings

Love this Top…it is seriously one of the softest tops I’ve ever tried on. The material was like a washed cotton and it was amazing! This top has a small keyhole in the back with a little bow, but the bow does not tie the top closed – it is just pretty on the key hole area. I absolutely love this top for summer and would be adorable for the 4th!! Also, this bag is literally phenomenal – I’m obsessed!!

style me lauren, @stylemelauren, dressing room diaries

Top |Pants | Sandals | Bag | Watch | Lip | Earrings

This top was super comfy and soft as well. This top is full embroidery, even though it kind of looks like beading. This top would be really cute with jean shorts. The back has embroidery but not as much as on the front. I think the sleeves make this little top. They’re adorable and feminine.

style me lauren, @stylemelauren, dressing room diaries

Top (similar)| Pants | Sandals | Bag | Watch | Lip | Earrings

Ok, I’m having trouble finding this top online right now but which is ironic because it was my favorite top I tried. It’s blouse material which has a pretty good weight to it which surprised me but made me feel like it was better quality! This top also comes in a light blue which was really pretty in person, but I just love the white and red! This top goes on over your head, so there is no zip or anything. I’m going to keep searching and hopefully update this post later today with the right blouse!

style me lauren, @stylemelauren, dressing room diaries


This is the perfect vacation dress! Super nice fabric that would be really easy to pack in a suitcase and not be wrinkled! This dress ties on each shoulder and that is actually how you fasten the dress. Also, it has a little belt in the same material which is easy to see in my pic. However, in the pic on Anthro’s website, I think she may not be wearing the belt? I definitely like it with the belt way more…it would be too loose and would hang if there was no belt.

style me lauren, @stylemelauren, dressing room diaries

Top (On sale!)Pants | Sandals | Bag | Watch | Lip | Earrings

This top was just really fun and playful. Obviously a crop top and is perfect for a super casual beach day or running errands. This top is pretty wide and generous fitting – good for hot days when you don’t want to wear anything too tight.

style me lauren, @stylemelauren, dressing room diaries

Top (on sale!) Pants | Sandals | Bag | Watch | Lip | Earrings

I absolutely LOVE this knit turtleneck. The color was so vibrant and wonderful and the knit was fab! I really love this top. The collar isn’t rolled or anything – I love how it stands up on it’s own and I love the way the stitches elongate my shoulder area.

style me lauren, @stylemelauren, dressing room diaries


This dress was an over the head dress. It was stretchy and super comfy. I think this dress would be better on me if I had a little bit of a longer torso. It was also a little long on me on the side so for me, it was a little big, but if you’re tall – this dress would be amazing!! Super comfy and comes in lots of colors. When I was at the store almost everyone else in the dressing room was trying one color of this dress  it was extremely popular!

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  1. Tessa says:

    Everything looks so great on you but I am particularly obsessed with that white and red top!

    Tessa | http://www.travelwheretonext.com/blog

  2. Great picks!! I am loving the second and third tops you tried on!

    Allison / Joy and Ivy

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