My Game Day Dress

Dress | Shoes | Hat  | Earrings (mine are the crispin, these are the newer version!)

Ok, So the title of my post is My Game Day dress because my sister’s alma mater’s colors were orange and navy! So every time I see something orange and navy I instantly think back to visiting her and going to tailgating parties and football games! I actually went with her to one last September over Labor Day Weekend it was so fun because I hadn’t been to a game there for maybe 5 years?! I dunno, but it had been too long and  I wish I had this dress then!

This dress is made in a material called “clip spot.” Reason being is because if you look closely, theres extra yarn basically woven into the dress that’s then clipped off creating the little squares/rectangles of material which stick up from the dress and create a dot effect. I love garments with clip spot because they’re normally very feminine and somewhat dainty! The tassels on this dress really seal the deal! I will say that online I think it describes these tassels as red, but don’t worry, they’re definitely legit orange.

Also, I bought these star sandals a few weeks back and have been wearing them nonstop! I love the sequins and that they are both gold and silver….I’ve been wearing them with everything!

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  1. Sydney says:

    I’m all about team colors, and this dress would be perfect for tailgating!!
    xo, Syd

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