Half Marathon Training

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Happy Monday!! Today I wanted to give you a two week update on my Half Marathon Training!  As many of you know if you saw my posts from last week that I started training for a half marathon! This is the training guide/program I’ve been using! Since I’m not a runner (at all), I decided to start with the most novice program to really take my time and work my way to the full 13.1 miles.

I’ve learned a few things about running over the last two weeks. 1. I really have enjoyed the training when allowing myself enough time. 2. (This is so random) I have to run with jackets with zipper pockets. 3. What did I do before my Fitbit?

1. I really have enjoyed the training when allowing myself enough time.

If you had asked me 2.5 weeks ago, I would have told you I hated running. Although unfair, since I’ve never really run before, I just never thought I enjoyed it. Turns out, It’s actually kind of fun. Giving myself enough time to run has been the most enjoyable part. I’ve been going as slow as I need to, and it’s been REALLY nice. I’m not concerned about pace right now since I’m just really learning how to run longer distances. I’ve also been taking Bull with me on every one which has been wonderful. It helps make the miles go more quickly having my little buddy with me. When he stops, I just run in place. It’s not a break per say, but it’s nice just to go slow. On my longer run days, which by the way, he recommends doing your longer run days on the Sundays, (which has been great!), I’ve really enjoyed running in the morning before breakfast. It’s slow and steady and really gets my mind in the right place before taking on the day. It’s also just so nice not to be rushed. During the week it’s so hard with everything going on!

2. (This is so random) I have to run with jackets with zippered pockets.

My mom got my a Nike jacket for Christmas that has zippered pockets and it’s amazing. I can’t run with a jacket that doesn’t have zippered pockets! I haven’t been listening to music while I run, I just haven’t had the desire to, so having my phone in a zipped pocked, and my key in the other has been awesome. It’s nice because I don’t have to worry about holding those things, or about them falling out of an open pocket, etc.

3. What did I do before my Fitbit?

I know people have had Fitbit’s for years. I get it…I’m sooo late to the party. But man, I’m glad I finally got on board! Having a Fitbit has been sooooo nice for this training. It’s easy to read, easy to use and I love knowing how far I’ve gone with two taps! It holds me accountable, and is seriously an awesome tool to have for training. If you’re thinking about training for any sort of run, I would HIGHLY recommend getting a Fitbit! 

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