Healthy, Easy Healthy Snack + Lunch Ideas…

Hi guys –

I am so excited about this post…healthy, easy snack and lunch ideas. I get questions a lot about what to eat, and why. You can read this post about my philosophy regarding eating a whole foods diet.

Since you already know about my diet/food mentality, you also probably know via snapchat (Username: Stylemelauren) that I drink whole milk, eat whole milk yogurt when I eat yogurt, and am totally against anything low fat or fat free. That’s another post in itself, but we’ll get there!!

Since I work in an office environment, the biggest thing for me regarding maintaining a healthy lifestyle is being prepared. Why? So I can stay on track. The WORST thing is when you don’t have the right snacks, and are stuck eating something that won’t make you feel good because you’re hungry and have no other options. Here are a few things I always try to keep in my desk, or in the office fridge that make great snacks to help me stay on track.

Snack Ideas…

Hard boiled eggs – we use cage free eggs. We buy them every week and hardboil them for the week. It’s so so nice to reach into the fridge in the morning when running out the door, grab a couple eggs and leave. Eggs have so much good protein, celenium, good fats, etc. Eat your eggs!

Deviled eggs – These are so good and easy to make. I have a whole post and recipe coming next week to the blog on these but here’s the skinny- mix hard boiled yolks with mayo, dijon mustard, tabasco, chopped jarred jalepeno, S +P, scoop back into egg whites…sprinkle with chives / paprika and serve. YUM. These are incredibly satisfying.

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Turkey “Roll Ups” – I buy sliced organic sliced turkey from the deli counter, if you don’t have that option, Applegate is another good option…except, I just read it has Carregeenan..I may be retracting my suggestion. I’ll have to look into that. Make sure you buy turkey with NO SUGAR! Yes crazy people add sugar to turkey…Roll the slices out and add FULL FAT cream cheese – roll up and eat. If if you think this is a weird little snack- just try it, it’s delicious! You can also add a a slice of pickle or jalepeno (my personal fav), or peppercini slice.

Aidells sausage – The Mango Jalepeno kind is my absolute favorite. If they don’t have that kind but have the mango, you can always bbq or heat the sausage, (they come fully cooked), take tamed jarred jalepeno slices and place them on the sausage and eat…delish! Aidells are great because they are nitrate free, and don’t have bad things in them! These are a great snack with veggies, mustard, or even some whole milk cheese on the side. They also make a great appetizer with mustard.

Hummus + veggies – just be mindful of the type of hummus you buy. Sabra hummus is no bueno because it’s totally GMO and gross. Look for hummus that has few ingredients as possible. I love the Whole Foods brand hummus. For veggies, I love organic celery, snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower. I stay away from carrots because of their sugar content.

1-2 OZ real whole milk cheese, 1/2 Apple, 1 hardboiled egg – a great combo that is super satisfying, especially around 4 pm!

Lunch Ideas…

Turkey burger – Make your own burger with ground organic turkey, an egg, some spices…maybe I should do a recipe on that? Add 1/2 Avocado, 2 slices of nitrate free bacon and veggies on the side

Canned Tuna – say bye to Bumble Bee…I was eating it last week and looked at the can and SOY was listed in the ingredients. umm excuse me? Why is there soy in my tuna?! There’s a new player in town and his name is Wild Planet. They make wild, pole caught fish and can it with NOTHING else added to the can. No salt, liquids, etc. This is one of those things where you think you’re doing good by eating bumble bee, and some nasty person decided to add a disgusting ingredient like soy to their tuna. Bad on them. Now you know. I add Just Mayo, (Ok here we go – this one is hard for me because I love mayo. Weird, right? I LOVE mayo. I don’t know why, but it’s delicious. Here’s the bad news, mayo has soybeen oil which is rancid and not good for you. So, like the tuna, there’s a new man in town and his name is Just Mayo. You can find it at Whole Foods, or online here and it’s delicious, tastes excellent, and tastes even better knowing it’s much better for you than Hellmans. I add capers, pickles, celery, olives to my tuna…load that bad boy up!

Canned wild salmon – Again, Wild Planet makes the best, (like $6 / can) Just discovered this – it’s expensive but mixing it with Mayo is great for lunch for your protein

Aidell’s Sausage / sweet potatoes / veggies – As I mentioned before, Aidells’ come cooked, so just heat them on the grill or stovetop, wash, peel and cut up a sweet potato, put them in a pan with olive oil and cook and flip to make an excellent side. You can also put them in the oven at 350 for like 25 min, make sure you check and flip!! This makes great dinner or lunch with adding a veggie or salad on the side like my…

Brussel sprouts with onion / bacon – wash, clean and slice the sprouts in half. On baking sheet lined with foil (much easier clean up) cover with olive oil, add chopped nitrate free bacon, sweet onion and bake at 350 for 30 min, turn once. Super good, great for leftovers too. Eat with chicken or steak, sausage or any protein.


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Mozerella + baby tomatoes + basil – kind of self explanatory. Make sure you buy whole milk cheese. This dish is much better in the summer when tomatoes are beautifully ripe.

Dessert – Get ready to be annoyed, but I don’t crave dessert. I used to!!! I totally used to want sugar, but now I don’t…every night I will have 1 date after dinner because dates are absolutely delicious, and that’s plenty sweet for me. Once you start eating this way, you are totally satisfied by your food, and don’t crave sugar. It’s pretty awesome. If you need something do this: stuff 70% dark chocolate chips inside organic raspberries and eat. I learned this from The Skinny Confidential.

70% or greater dark chocolate – don’t cheat on the %…the darker the better (for you!)!


Obviously soda or anything artificially sweetened is not on my list HOWEVER, if you haven’t tried “La Croix” Water- at safeway…it’s flavored carbonated water but has no sugar…great for when you want something fizzy. My favorite flavor comes in the tall thin cans and it’s Cherry Lime. So refreshing! Also makes a great mixer if you’re drinking!

Ok guys…well that was a lot of info…let me know your feedback, questions, comments, concerns…etc…LET’S CHAT! Happy FRIDAYYYY! XO


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  1. jenessa says:

    I love these ideas Lauren, it is so true that if you dont prepare your snacks/meals then the terrible cookie monster comes out at least for me lol!


  2. Jackie Wentworth says:

    Excellent information and very comprehensive! Great suggestions on food products and recipes that offer to deliciousness and satisfaction but without the sugar, etc….Thanks, Lauren!

  3. I love these meal and snack ideas!! I had canned tuna for dinner tonight =)

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  4. Great ideas!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

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