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Hey guys! It’s been a long while since I’ve written about health…I have really been meaning to share a green smoothie recipe with you, and a homemade acai bowl, but obviously haven’t yet – so get ready for those in the coming weeks.

Today though is all about just wanting to chat with you about being healthy, etc. I would love for this post to be more of a conversation – so if you want to comment below on anything related, please do so!!

A little background is that I lost some weight in college on Weight Watchers which at first was great but then I realized that eating packaged food that was full of chemicals (but were low points) actually wasn’t a way to live a healthy lifestyle in my opinion- like, I’d rather eat an avocado that was 10 points than 2 packaged cookies that were 2. You know? At the time that made sense…now not so much.  So I totally switched around my entire outlook on food and restructured myself to eating a whole foods diet. I was so worried that eating an avocado, coconut oil, etc was going to make me fat..which is kind of funny looking back now! But – hey – we all have to go through our own journey to figure these things out, right?!  If you want to read more about my health journey, I wrote about it here.

So anyway…I recently transitioned to working from home, and it has been the most wonderful thing in the world. One of the ways I stay healthy during the day is stocking my fridge with good quality and healthy foods.

It’s hard to put a number to it, but I would say 70% of me living a healthy lifestyle comes from the food I eat. Eating the right food is so so so important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Do you guys follow LaurenKaySims’ blog? She’s adorable, so you should, but last week she shared a post about healthy living and her top 5 ways to do so. She spoke about committing yourself to that mentality and it totally struck a chord with me. Committing to being healthy was something I decided to do years ago when I switched from WW to eating good whole foods. I knew I wanted to make this huge change, but wasn’t sure how it was going to affect me.

Living a healthy life can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. If that means going on a hike 3 times a week with your dog – that’s awesome, if it means having an acai bowl instead of frozen yogurt – amazing. Whatever it means to you and whatever you want it to mean – set your mind and your goals to that. This is your life and being healthy and what that means to you is your choice!

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Here are a few tips that help me stay on track…

  1. Starting my day off with a workout. Ugh, sometimes this can be so hard when you’re so warm and cozy in bed…but let me tell you – every. single. time. I work out in the morning I feel awesome. It’s like BING! Day’s ready to rock, it’s going to be great, the sun is shining (let’s be real in CA it shines like 362 days a year), and all is good. Working out in the morning (and that could be going for a walk, taking a spin class, lifting weights – etc). makes me feel awesome and like I’ve accomplished something before 8am. Ok, this is a TOTAL side note and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever written this much in a post (seriously – if you’re still reading this, I love you). but a few years ago there was a College Graduation Speech that this Naval Officer (??) gave to a graduating college class. He was talking about the importance and significance of making your bed in the morning and how if nothing else goes right in your day – you’ve made your freaking bed and you’ve made it the right way. It’s a small thing but actually has more significance than you think! Working out is kind of like that for me. And yes, I do make my bed every morning! 🙂

2. Making PB Protein Smoothie recipe (pictured above). I make this smoothie recipe  every morning because Austin and I both love it. It’s so satisfying and keeps us full until lunch! We both also drink fruitier smoothies, and green smoothies, but this one for some reason just hits the spot every morning. We both crave it!! Having a breakfast you can look forward to is a big deal. So many friends of mine don’t know what to eat for breakfast…for me, a smoothie is absolutely ideal. If you have time I would recommend eggs and veggies and maybe some nitrate free meat, but let’s be real – who has time for that on a weekday?!

3. Another thing helpful way to stay healthy is by drinking plenty of water. This is not news to you, but here are a few tricks. (I also wrote about drinking lemon water here). First of all, whenever I work out in the morning, I always bring my 16 OZ water bottle, (I love this one and this one for infusing) and guzzle that down – so that’s already done for the day. Working out in the morning helps me drink water all day. By the time its 8am, I’ve already had 16oz and that’s off to a great start. I come home, and refill my water and try to drink as much as tastes good. I don’t try to hit a certain number every day, I just drink as much as feels good for that particular day. I would say, on a good day, I refill my water bottle 5 times.

Another fun way to help you drink water is by adding fruit to your water. Strawberry kiwi is a fun combination to try or adding cucumber and mint is also great! I have a few water bottles like this one and that easily allow me to infuse my water.


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4. So, this is kind of random but having good snacks keeps me on track. I always have Peanut Butter in my morning smoothie, so to be honest, I try not to eat any other nuts for the rest of the day. It’s not that nuts are bad, but love eating healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil, seeds), and I like to have different healthy fats all throughout the day so I savor my PB in the morning.

One thing I’ve found when I’m craving an afternoon snack is really I’m craving protein. I love keeping uncured, nitrate free salami on hand as a quick and easy combo with whole milk cheese and some olives. I also love having tuna or chicken salad pre made by me in the fridge (maybe from lunch that day, or the day before) and I’ll eat some of that as a snack because it’s super satisfying.

Other snack items for me would be 70% or greater dark chocolate with a whole milk latte…yum! And yes,  I believe that eating whole milk is much better for you than eating fat free or 1%. The simple reason is because when they make fat free or reduced fat milk, they heat up the milk and then take a bunch of stuff out and basically make it rancid. I’ve also read stuff in the past saying they inject the milk with fillers to make it feel good in your mouth -GROSS. So, whole milk it is for me.

If you’re not into dairy, a few options would be hummus + Mary’s gone crackers or veggie sticks. I love snap peas, cucumbers. I also love having a few olives on the side..super yummy. And also – adding a few pieces of sliced turkey is a great idea. It’s lean and will help keep you full. Another go to is 1/2 an apple, a few slices of turkey and a few pieces of cheese. I get the protein, creamy goodness and crunch!

5. Take a break. Sometimes it’s not about the food, but it’s about boredom. Take a break, walk around your office building, walk around your block, go to the bathroom, like do something to get up and move around a bit. Sometimes when things aren’t that exciting at work and you’re just sitting there it’s easy to reach for your snack drawer and eat mindlessly. Taking a break can do wonders!

Below I’ve added my favorite work out gear and accessories for you to shop! Sometimes all you need is a new sports bra to get you back in gear!! xo



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  1. Mackenzy says:

    Fun! Love these ideas. This is why I love Wednesday morning yoga so much. It sets me up!

    I also make my bed errr day. Roy- not so much haha

    I just need a house keeper now. Know anyone? Haha

    • says:

      Yeah – morning yoga is a great way to start!! I still need to take that with you 🙂 Yes I do know someone!! Seriously if you want her contact info let me know!

  2. Kelsey says:

    such a great post! I love the take a break tip! that is one I am so bad and and forget how great a break can be to refresh your mind so when you come back to work you can be efficient!

    • says:

      Right? I totally agree with you! A break is seen as like a slacker thing but in actuality sometimes you literally need to get up think about something different and then you’re SO much more productive when you come back!

      I hope you two have a wonderful long weekend!! XO

  3. Carolina says:

    great post! i really need to be a bit healthier, this was really helpful

    • says:

      Thanks, Carolina! I appreciate your feedback! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

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