High Waisted Leggings

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There’s something about  new workout gear that is such a great motivator. I’ve never really experienced this before this year. I swear I’ve had the same workout clothes (and by that I mean great black Zella leggings (they last forever!) and kind of boring t-shirts I’ve had for way to long) for a while! Although they get the job done, there’s something about having a new workout wardrobe that is really inspiring.

For christmas from my parents I asked for primarily workout clothes. I really just wanted a refresh and was excited to see what they had picked out. So many cute things! Then of course, I was on the hunt for more and more. I just couldn’t help myself! I’ve also been working out 6 days a week and really ENJOYING it, so having more than 2 outfits to rotate through really helps.

I bought these high waisted green leggings on a whim and love them. They were totally an impulse buy that I never second guessed. They’re so comfortable and I love that they are high waisted. There’s something about feeling a little more confident when you’re basically wearing Spanx to work out. lol

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