Paleo Sweet Potato Muffins

Yay!!! Happy Friday!! So happy the weekend is hours away! Ok, you guys…I have big news… ..

I have found an incredible muffin recipe that will blow your socks off. They’re guilt free, delicious, Paleo, refined sugar free, and gluten free. I know, you’re already impressed. I was on the hunt to find a recipe that was as satisfying as the brownie recipe I discovered a few months ago, but this time I was looking for a recipe that didn’t contain chocolate.

Do yourself a favor and check out the chocolate brownie recipe I made and shared HERE (Ok, seriously, It’s worth it to stop reading this post and go read that one real quick then come back. Those are the best healthy brownies I’ve ever had in my life)!!

If you left and came back…are you drooling now and getting out your healthy ingredients to make those brownies!? I totally support that because they are amazingly delicious. I’m planning on making a batch this weekend and they’re to-die-for. Ok, so anyway, those are so fab but I wanted to find a non chocolate version of something just as satisfying. Enter this sweet potato Paleo muffin recipe! This is the recipe straight from the website, and this is the Pinterest post where I found it if you want to pin it! I did the Paleo version but used coconut flour instead of almond flour and added cinnamon and vanilla to the paleo version.

Tips and Tricks

You have to bake the potatoes prior to combining ingredients, so if that sounds horrible or too difficult to you, then this recipe is probably not for you. For us, Austin and I make dinner at home a lot, so throwing a few sweet potatoes in the oven while we cook is really not a big deal. I like to bake the potatoes the night before for this recipe because then mixing the ingredients and baking them the next day takes no time at all. Another thing to note, make sure you peel the potatoes when they’re still a little warm so they peel easier. Or, you can cut the potatoes with a knife long ways down the middle, and scoop out the pulp of the potato the next morning. I would also suggest baking them on foil in your oven for an easy clean up.

This recipe is so good because the muffins are only sweetened with maple syrup and the only flour is coconut flour. They also have cashew butter, so they’re creamy, rich but not too sweet, substantial, but not dense. I mean…they’re pretty much amazing. I buy cashew butter at Trader Joe’s which is where I tend to buy all my nut butters, so look for it there if you want to make this recipe! I’m sure they carry fancy nut butter at Whole Foods or any other health foods store, but Trader Joe’s most likely has it for less.

So if you’re looking for a muffin with a more cake like consistency, just follow the Paleo recipe. If you want a more brownie like consistency, double the amount of sweet potato and cook for 5 min longer. I recommend the fudgier version with extra sweet potato. To me, it makes them more of a treat than the cake like consistency. Both have a great flavor, but I like the texture of the version with double potato! The recipe also says you can make a frosting, but I treated these as a morning healthy muffin, not as a cake with frosting. Although, they would be absolutely delicious that way too. Or in a big pan as a cake with frosting. yum!


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  1. Dianna Miller says:

    That looks really good! Always looking for good healthy recipes! The problem is I am not a baker. LOL I’m good at making other things just not baking. Love your blog and all your cute clothes!

    • says:

      Thanks, Dianna!! Appreciate your sweet comment!! These are so easy, so don’t feel intimidated! If you give them a try, let me know 🙂

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