My Plan to Stay Healthy This Year

My Plan to Stay Healthy This Year

Happy New Year!! My Plan to Stay Healthy This Year isn’t going to be complicated! I couldn’t be happier that the New Year is here and I get to get started. If you’ve listened to any of my Podcasts, you know that health and wellness is important to me…but as a woman in her twenties…(or any age really) it’s kind of complicated to figure out. Should I do this diet, that diet, eat dairy, or not eat dairy? Am I gluten free? Should I be? All the things. For some of you, you may be wondering if you should drink nonfat milk instead of whole because you’re worried the whole milk may “make you fat.” Trust me. I’ve been there…in fact, some days I still struggle with all of these questions. Is this normal? Well, a lot of girlfriends I know struggles with the same type of questions. So, although it may be “normal” in our day and age, it’s definitely not healthy. This year, my goal is to really find a plan that works best for me. And by plan, I mean listening to MY body, and figuring out what’s best for ME, not anyone else.

So, what am I going to do this year to get on track, the right way…and what makes sense for me?

The answer is simple. Meal prepping, sticking to my gym schedule and holding myself accountable. For the next month, I’ve decided to take a break from Alcohol, and have decided to meal prep as much as possible. Why do I keep harping on this? Because it’s when I don’t have anything in the fridge to eat, that I eat something that’s not the best option, or I have to eat out (and I don’t know what’s in th

e food), etc. Meal planning/prepping seams so easy, buy why has it been so hard? Mostly because on the weekends I just want to spend time with my husband, horses, and Bull. Yep. That’s it. It’s just that I don’t prioritize going to the store and planning ahead for the week. How hard is it to plan ahead? NOT HARD AT ALL! There are so many amazing healthy food blogs out there and Pinterest is full of a ton of amazing ideas. I’ve pinned a bunch of amazing Healthy Paleo Recipes HERE and then Paleo Dessert Recipes, HERE! Be sure to follow along, as I’m always pinning and trying new ones! It’s not hard, it just takes about 10 minutes of prep.

Personally, I like to actually print out the recipes I’m going to make. Having them on my phone or computer is just annoying and then while I’m cooking, I’m getting my electronics dirty. Not my fav. Today I’ve printed out three dishes I’m going to make TODAY to prep for the week.

This Breakfast Casserole 

Almost 5 Ingredient Spaghetti Pie 

Sweet and Spicy Meatloaf – I’ve made this before and it’s excellent!


I’m also planning on sticking to a pretty aggressive exercise regimen. I’ve never really stuck to one for longer than a few months, and I’m excited to see how my body changes this year. I’m going to continue doing my weight class 3x per week, and then I’m training for a half marathon. I started last week, so this is my second week! It’s definitely something I’ve never done before, and I’m ready and up for the challenge!! What are you doing this year to challenge yourself? Comment below and let me know!!

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  1. Carmen Bengoa says:

    I am with you all the way in 2018…I’ve tried just about every diet and I am ready to listen to my body and make healthy choices. My number 1 goal this year is meal prep and planning. I also don’t want to give up my weekends to do this, but when I don’t I kick myself at work when I find myself looking for lunch in the vending machine. Cheers to a happier and healthier 2018!

    • says:

      Amen to this! Prepping and planning takes will power and time, but man it pays off during the week!! Here’s to a great year ahead for both of us!! XO

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