Podcast Episode 17 – Food Cravings + Guilt



Podcast Episode 17 - Food Cravings + Guilt

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing Podcast Episode 17 – Food Cravings + Guilt. Before I get into that, guess what?! My podcast is now live on Itunes, and Google Play! If you open your Podcast app on your iphone (Google play app on android) and search “Behind The Style” you can listen to them all in one place! Yay!!! This is such a big step and I’m so happy it’s finally here!

Now onto this episode! In this episode I’m talking about my relationship with food when it comes to cravings and guilt, the foods that make me crave things all day long, and why I think we should each ask ourselves if the food we are about to eat is going to make us feel guilty or not. This podcast asks the questions, how do you figure out if you’re going to feel guilty, how do you identify your own personal cadence with food, and how do you know what to eat when there’s so much constant information and noise surrounding this topic.

Here is the link to the Almond Milk Cream cheese I mentioned in my podcast!

Here is the link to the crunchy crackers I was talking about!


Of course you can still listen by clicking play below! xo


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