My Second Podcast Episode!!

Some of you may remember that last year I started a Podcast….andddd I’m happy to announce that today I’m sharing my second episode! I had some friends and followers ask me about my Podcast, if I was still going to do it, etc and I got to thinking about it, a lot. I started thinking about why I even started the podcast in the first place, and what I love about the podcasts I currently listen to. I started the podcast in the beginning to share my story. The real Lauren…truly, Behind The Style. To answer the questions, who is Lauren besides someone who likes pretty clothes and shoes? My goal was to create and build relationships with YOU, and to make a connection with you in a different way besides fashion. So, here I am today, releasing my second podcast episode talking about my health journey, what I think about food, how I lost 30 lbs and maintained it over the last 7 years from different diets, and where I am today. I hope you enjoy this podcast, and please comment below if you have any topics you would like me to talk about here in this space!

Also, I recorded this audio and then it sounded fuzzy so I re recorded it and then I deleted the re recorded version. LOL Off to a great start this morning! Anyway, excuse the bad audio – next week’s episode will be much better! XO

PS. If you haven’t listened to my first episode, click HERE! 

4 Responses to My Second Podcast Episode!!

  1. Mackenzy Bailey says:

    I wish it was longer! Loved it. Would love to know more about healthy living in general! Great episode!!!

    • says:

      Thanks so much!!! Means the world that you took the time to listen and comment!! XO

      • Mackenzy Bailey says:

        To keep adding my free advice to the comments, it would be fun to have a little info on how you sneak that healthy living into our hard-headed significant other’s meals haha

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