Spring Wishlist

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Hello my loves! So as we inch closer and closer to the official first day of Spring, I can’t help but want to fill my closet with fun colored dresses, prints and springtime shoes. As silly as this may sound, I could not be more excited about this sandal. I’ve been wanting the Hermes slide tan sandal for so long and just never wanted to spend the money. Once I found this sandal that has the same feel and color – I mean….I’m SO excited. I just ordered them yesterday and can’t wait for them to arrive!

So in other news, some girlfriends asked if I wanted to do a race with them. So I was like “SURE!!” why not, right?! In my mind, it made total sense that a 5K was totally doable and would be fun! Yesterday I met up with a girlfriend to start the “training” and she told me its a 13.1 mile, 1/2 marathon LOL. Yeah, not so sure about that. So we ran 2 miles and walked one which felt great. I’m going to continue to “train” as if I was going to do it, but I mean….I’ve never, ever ran that far so I guess we will see how it goes?! I can’t imagine running for over two hours! I’ll keep you posted on what I decide, but for now I’m going to make some brownies, lol jk. I guess I should have some celery?! See you guys back here tomorrow!