Step by Step Guide to Dry Brushing…

Dry Brushing, Health, Beauty, Style me Lauren      In the last 6 months I’ve heard about Dry Brushing 5 million times. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was…maybe I am super late to the game on this one, but sounded easy and like something that could really benefit my health.

Dry brushing is brushing your entire body with a natural thistle brush (like this one) starting from your feet and brushing toward your heart (always in that direction).

Dry Brushing, Health, Beauty, Style me LaurenHow to Dry Brush…directions modified from

  1. Get shower ready
  2. Take the brush ( get the long one so you can reach everywhere) and start brushing from your feet upward toward your heart in long sweeping motions, making sure you cover every inch!
  3. Brush your whole body and be careful around  your bust and neck – areas where you have thinner skin as they can be more sensitive
  4. Shower after to make sure you get all the dead skin off! Don’t want that hanging around all day…
  5. Towel dry and moisturize!

Dry Brushing, Health, Beauty, Style me LaurenDry brushing helps…

  • Promote circulation
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Reduces cellulite (yes please)
  • Stimulate lymph system
  • Unclogs pores

If you’re not convinced yet…keep reading

Since your skin is the largest organ in the body, and it’s exposed to so much toxicity every day (pollution, un natural chemicals in soap, detergent, make up, etc) it’s actually a no brainer to give your skin a little dry brushing love. “Dry brushing your skin will kick start your lymphatic system, which helps you remove toxins from the body(

I’ve been dry brushing for the past week and seriously can tell you it has made a huge difference. My body almost craves it in the morning because it kind of wakes up my skin. I know that sounds weird but it’s so true! It’s 5 minutes of brushing that makes you feel so so good!

Dry Brushing, Health, Beauty, Style me LaurenAlso – some of you know this from following me on Snapchat Stylemelauren, or Instagram, but I’ve been trying to switch all my makeup over to chemical free products. It’s been such a challenge. I’ve tried using Tarte and Beauty Counter which have been pretty good, but as of right now, nothing is beating my Estee Lauder foundation. I have also been using Beauty Counter foundation setting powder which I love.  I’m looking for a good natural primer but recently have been in LOVE with Smashbox foundation primer, and MAC 24 hour eye primer. I am also on the look out for a really good mascara. I tried this one from Tarte and am NOT obsessed, so don’t buy it if you’re going to try Tarte! It made my lashes super dry. :/ I do LOVE their tinted moisturizer though…almost provides MORE coverage than the Beauty Counter Foundation I’ve been testing out. I also want to try their full coverage foundation…that’s next! If you guys have any other recommendations on good chemical free make up – please let me know!

The reason I brought up the make up thing is because I’ve been listening to this podcast (On Air with Ella) and she talks so much about detoxifying the body…and doing so with food, what you put on your skin, etc. She mentioned she uses coconut oil as her moisterizer – amazing, because it smells oh, so good! Since I’ve been dry brushing, I’ve been using the coconut oil too…let me tell you…it’s amazing. SOOOO moisturizing. I also had my friend tell me she uses organic olive oil. What do you guys use to moisterize?

Have you guys tried dry brushing before? Leave me a comment and share your story!

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  1. Carley says:

    You have totally convinced me to try this!! It sounds like a great addition to my morning routine!

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve heard such amazing things about dry brushing! I’ll try anything that reduces cellulite!!

  3. DMD says:

    It’s the first time we heard about it! And it’s an interesting idea, we will definitely look deeper into this subject! And avoiding all chemical product in make up is a hard challenge but our skin will thank us later! And we truly believe that in the future, more and more brand will create those more natural products!

  4. i cant stop staring at your beautiful bathroom! i love the sink and the decorations around it. I’ve never tried dry brushing before, sounds interesting haha

  5. I’m been trying out a bunch of beautycounter products too… and loving it! Especially the blush stick!! Also, I MUST TRY DRY BRUSHING!!!!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  6. Kelpa Raza says:

    I would also love to try this out. Thanks for this amazing post dear.
    With love,

  7. Johnalica says:

    Hmm yeah we can think about it to start as in our routine

  8. Totally have been meaning to try dry brushing! Thanks for sharing this info!

    Xo Raina

  9. Such a great post. I love this technique and it really does work!

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