Trends For Fall

I am a big believer in always having classic items in your closet that are staples. A good pair of tailored dark denim, a denim jacket, the perfect white tee shirt (short sleeve and long sleeve), but there is something about the flux of a new season that makes me want to try trendy pieces. I would say my favorite thing is when a trendy piece becomes a staple because it helps define my personal style and helps express my fashion identity.

I feel this way about animal prints. I remember in high school getting my first pair of Tory Burch hair-on leopard balet flats, ( you know, The Reva?) and I wore them until the hair fell off and I had to buy a patent leather pair! To me, leopard/cheetah print was a trend that became a staple.

Part of the excitement with a new season is figuring out what’s trending. There have been so many trends from the past few falls that I have loved – plaid button downs, blanket scarves, puffer vests, and riding boots. But this year, I’m excited to see some unexpected items popping up for this upcoming season.


falltrends with style me lauren @stylemelaurenTrends (in no particular order)

  1. The Choker Necklace

I was not sure if this necklace trend was going to be something I could pull off. I haven’t worn a choker since the stretchy black cage ones in elementary school. I’m pretty sure they came in somewhere between my first and second set of braces….thank you genetics for those lovely buck teeth!

Although I haven’t found a stretchy cage necklace to add back in my wardrobe, I have found a few sophisticated and sexy choker’s that I am just loving.

2. The Body Suit

Brace yourself. Yes, I’m talking about a leotard made out of regular clothing material to wear under jeans. The pro’s: tight fitting/sleek look to wear under denim. This allows for a super low cut or low back top with no movement. The Con’s: potentially that it’s a little weird to be wearing a leotard that you have to unsnap to use the restroom. Just sayin’ things could get a little weird.

Although I am slightly skeptical of the trend from an actually wearing a leotard perspective – I think they look phenomenal, I am excited to try the trend and see if it sticks.

3. Cropped Denim

This trend has been happening for a little while now, but I still haven’t fully embraced it. The reason being I wore capri’s in high school like they were going out of style. I mean, they were my favorite type of pant. However, I only wore kakhi capri’s. Que J.Crew. So, now that we have denim capri’s / or cropped denim in our hands…little Lauren over here doesn’t really know how to handle it. There are a ton of options out there that have frayed edges, so maybe the key for me is finding a more tailored denim like this pair that has a specified edge but also has some fraying. I am going to order this pair, and I will be sure to report back! What do you guys think? Have you jumped on this trend, yet?

4. The Slip on Loafer

Big shout out to Gucci for this trend. It’s classic prep but with a laid back twist. The mule is the key factor to the ease of wearing this style. It’s preppy, classy but then also the slightest bit edgy because of the the construction. Below are some inspiration pictures on how to wear this style. I am going to order this pair because it’s a trend I want to try, but don’t want to spend a chunk of money on until I’m sure it’s going to last in my closet season after season.



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5. The Utility jacket

I am a big believer that this trend is one of those trend turned staple situations. I got a utility jacket from J.Crew in college and it has never left my closet. I did buy it in navy, and I do wish I had purchased it in olive. That being said, I bought an olive utility vest about 2 years later (also very practical) and get a lot of use out of that.

The utility jacket is hitting the racks hard for fall. It’s such an effortless piece that can literally go over dresses, and denim alike. I love the camo versions popping up for fall because camo is also trending for fall!

6. Western Vibe

In general, a Western vibe is absolutely trending. I think it’s really fun, especially since marrying a cowboy my Western clothing and accessories have absolutely expanded!

7. Velvet

Velvet is a trend that I’m absolutely going to try, I’m just still figuring out how. I like velvet in a choker, and I like it in skinny jeans, but as a full dress I’m still figuring out how I would style it! I like the idea so much, I’m sure I’ll make it work 🙂

8. Bell Sleeves

A trend that started last Spring, the bell sleeve trend is continuing to be strong for Fall. It’s fun flirty, and makes a basic top super darling and still so wearable!

What’s your favorite trend for fall?!

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  1. Cassie Rea says:

    I totally agree about leopard – it always gets me feelin’ fall! I am loving the camo trend this fall, especially with jackets and jeans. I think it is such a fun way to add a little edginess to a look. You have some great picks!
    XOXO, Cassie Rea

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