What it means for me to eat a Whole Foods Diet…

Hey guys!

I am back today with my second Health post! I wanted to explain to you what it means to eat Whole Foods from my perspective, since I know I mentioned it in my first Health post, here.

I mentioned before that I am not a nutritionist, or in any way affiliated with any medical health business, but since I have had a successful journey with eating whole foods, I figure, it can’t hurt to share!

In my opinion, whole foods are foods that are not modified or processed in any way. Mostly this means I eat organically. I sometimes let things slide like bananas because they have a really hearty peal which pesticides have a harder time penetrating. Fruits and veggies like apples, grapes, and tomatoes, which have thin skins…there’s no way you’ll catch me with the non organic version (aka a pesticide bomb). Here’s why: it feels too good to eat good food.


image via Paleomg

Of course there is always a compromise, or always something that will get in the way of a perfect non-processed food. Let’s be real…that would be super amazing if you ate all non processed foods…and you could absolutely do it! But, I do eat things that come from packages – like organic peanut butter, protein powder, canned olives…technically, all of these things have been processed.

I guess I should change what I mean and say…I try to eat things with as few ingredients in them as possible. If I’m eating peanut butter, I want the ingredients to be peanuts…not added oil, salt, sugar, etc. Same goes with everything else. This can be particularly difficult when you’re not used to checking out labels. Let’s put things in perspective…I literally will not buy a packaged food until I read the label. It’s a habit you will easily fall into if you try to adopt this lifestyle.

I truly believe that eating good quality, minimally processed foods is so much better for you than eating a low carb or low fat processed food diet. I know first hand from being on Weight Watchers that eating a low fat English muffin with low fat turkey slices and low fat cheese actually doesn’t make you feel good, nor does it make you full or satiate any sort of sandwich craving you had (and the fact that you have cravings is a whole other post in itself).

Think about this…because I think about this ALL the time. My great grandmother lived until she was 104 years old. NO kidding! And she ate everything! But the food she was eating back then wasn’t processed like it is now.

Take wheat bread for example. Wheat bread technically shouldn’t be bad for us – right? 100% whole wheat, yeast, water, maybe a little honey, and a pinch of salt for a whole loaf. But guess what? You cannot buy a wheat bread from the store without less than 15 ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. What is soy lecithin and why is it in Orowheat’s 100% wheat bread? ( http://www.oroweat.com/products/sliced-breads/whole-grains/100-whole-wheat-0 ) and what exactly are “natural flavors?” See, this is the problem. We think we are doing good by our bodies by choosing something we think is healthy, but in realty, it’s actually not.


Image Via the Minimalist Baker

I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault, and it’s these huge manufacturers who are changing the way we eat without care about our opinion or without letting us know. But the reality is, it’s happening, and what are we going to do about it?

For some, maybe it’s not an issue. Maybe you don’t care…and that’s totally fine! For me, it’s an issue, and I care.

The real issue is, I don’t have time to go buy organic wheat, yeast, etc and make bread. If you do…make this recipe, it looks absolutely delicious and made with good ingredients!!  I wish I had the time to make everything from scratch, grow an organic garden, etc. But right now, that’s just not in the cards for me.

So the question is, how can we make good choices knowing what we know about the food industry as it is today? Check ingredients. If there is something on there you cannot pronounce, or you’ve never seen before…put it back. It’s clearly not a good option. Try to buy organic fruits and vegetables, especially those that have thin skin. Don’t be overwhelmed, making this switch takes time, and if you stick to it, you’ll soon realize it’s much easier than you think!





7 Responses to What it means for me to eat a Whole Foods Diet…

  1. Jackie Wentworth says:

    Darling Girl….I’m loving the health post…Good Job…Good information here! I’m going to order the Whey Protein and your information on whole foods is inspiring! I’m looking forward to your post on CRAVINGS! Especially….nighttime cravings! Love you, Jackie

    • stylemelauren@gmail.com says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback!! Yes, I love that Tera’s Whey protein..I use it every morning! I’ve tried the chocolate which is good, but recently, I’ve been buying the “unflavored.” I’m going to share a few smoothie recipes too..but here’s a quick one that you might like. It’s also supppper satisfying.

      1 banana (peel and freeze over night)
      1-2 C Unsweetened Almond milk (or milk of choice)
      2 TBS Unsweetened Peanut Butter (I use Kirkland Brand with nothing else added)
      Cinnamon (as much as you want..I use at a 1/2 of TBs but i LOVE cin)
      1 TBS Cacao powder (it’s a superfood and makes this smoothie choc flavored)

      Blend and it’s like a chocolate peanut butter treat that is super super satisfying and delicious! XO

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