What’s In my Shopping Cart?!

Happpyyy Wednesday! This post took about 2.5 seconds to make because all of these items are literally in my shopping cart. lol I just want everything and would like it now! lol jk, but seriously, I can’t WAIT to try those white cropped jeans…like hii…so cute! That jumpsuit I really want to see if it’s formal enough to wear to a wedding…it may be a beach situation, but I can’t wait to see how it fits when it comes in! The beach bag next to the olive dress is such a no brainer. When I saw both of those items in the cart next to each other, the colors just are a match  made in heaven! Also loving that outfit with those leopard sandals in the day and the nude high heeled sandals at night. I know, I know, it’s too good!! I hope you guys have a wonderful day! It’s supposed to be 82 here today…my favorite weather!! See you back here tomorrow for another “what to wear to a wedding” outfit! XO